Thursday, January 19, 2012

Return to Revlon

Revlon and I have a long and tortured history. I'd find colors they had that looked gorgeous in the bottle, and then I'd put them on my nail only to find that it was difficult to apply, or I'd end up with bubbles. As this didn't happen with more expensive brands, I assumed it was their fault. Now I realize I was putting on insanely thick coats and it was fully user error.

But then I saw Starry Pink, and I couldn't resist giving them another go. This ballerina pink has huge chunks of glitter that gives it a really cool edge and little pieces of glitter that make it look light and sparkly. This was my Christmas manicure and I felt like I was a punked out Nutcracker ballerina. For me, this was full of win. Until removal -- that's painful.

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