Monday, October 31, 2011

Midtown Magic

I love this. I know it's everyone's standout from the Metro Collection, but I need to add in my love. Midtown Magic is a dark beauty. I've seen it described as a dark burgundy, but it looks like a deep chocolate brown with copper flecks to me. Whatever it is, it's gorgeous and I totally love it.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe

Meet Me Under the Mistletoe is a gorgeous green sparkle bomb from a previous year of Orly's holiday collection. It has a blue-green base with lots of emerald/kelly green sparkles. This awesome combo results in the entire thing looking like a nice pine tree color. It catches the light beautifully, and I got lots of compliments while I was wearing it.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous

I had an occasion to dress up in September, and I went and got my nails did. Because I was rockin' a bright blue dress with sparkly gunmetal shoes, I went with a sparkly gunmetal polish. I heart the matchy, matchy.

Lucerne-tainly look Marvelous is from OPI's Switzerland collection from fall of 2010. Its a shimmery gunmetal grey -- maybe a foil? It's close if it's not a true foil. It is SUCH a great color for us pale, cool-toned girls. Pictures below.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Zoya Jem

When I saw the previews for the Zoya Mirrors collection, I knew I needed to have Jem. Then I found a blogger who was having a mystery grab bag blog sale (10 for 27!) and this gem came in it (hah, Jem/Gem!)

Jem is a lovely purpley-red color with a lot of shimmery goodness. It pulls redder on me than most people (which is odd, because I tend to pull things bluer). Pictures 'neath:

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

CG in the City

So that hiatus happened. I apologize for the delay in posting. It's been the crazy busy season at work and September and October zipped by before I had a chance to catch my breath.

Today, I have for you CG in the City. It's been posted everywhere at this point, but here's my two cents. I didn't expect to love this given a lot of the negative buzz in the blogosphere. It's a multi-color glitter in a clear base. It took me three coats to build it up to a mostly opaque finish. Once I had done that, though, I adored how it looked!

I'm a sucker for all things silver, and this just looked like a silver glitter bomb on my finger. I have two pictures below for you. What do you think?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hey Sailor, or Why Women Tear Each Other Down

Hello readers! Today I have for you China Glaze's Hey Sailor from this past spring's Anchors Away collection.

This color applied like a dream and required no post-polish touch ups. I love when that happens. It's a true tomato red, like a 40s pin-up girl. In fact, when I wore it, I had a vintage looking dress on and got some good compliments on the retro appeal of the whole look.

But beware...
There was one lady at my office who has achieved relatively high levels of success and has a reputation for woman-on-woman office crime, who saw fit to make a comment about the bright red color. In front of a huge group of our colleagues, she looked at the color and said "that's a very interesting shade of red." And I said "thanks, it's called Hey Sailor!" She replied, "It wasn't a compliment. It's a very specific red. It's red." I was really embarrassed and said "yeah, it's just 40s style." She repeated her take on it two or three additional times to the whole group. Meanwhile, I was too shell-shocked to continue in the conversation.

I really hate women who can't handle being around other women. And this, to me, was just plain tear-her-down-so-I-can-look-better. But, it does bring up a potential issue with this color. It's a bright red, and in the past those had a reputation. Despite the rather pedestrian reputation reds and pinks have for nail polish fanatics, the bold reds (and some hot pinks) still seem to scream "trollop" to some outsiders. And if you work with one of these outsiders, they may publicly humiliate you.

How would you handle a situation like this? Would you have defended your nails stronger, or would you have backed down (like I unfortunately did)? Tell ya what, I'm reticent to even wear a bright red or pink anymore! Boo to girl-on-girl crimes!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Takin' a Walk...

On the Wild Side...

I bought this lovely from the blog sale @NailStah (her twitter handle) had. I picked up several good ones there, in fact!

This is a color from Color Club. The formula Color Club doesn't seem to work as well for me as other brands. This is only my second, but I'm noticing that for me, I have a tendency towards premature chipping with both of the colors. It's absolutely a shame, too -- other people rave about them, and I LOVE their colors -- particularly their new bohemian collection! I'll probably still give some of those a chance... my body chemistry and/or the combination with Seche Vite just has seemed to reject so far.

This color, though, is fantastic. I feel like if you could paint your nails with a pencil, that's the color and sheen you get. It has a very graphite look about it (not Chanel Graphite... pencil graphite). I love the color a ton, but painted my nails last night and am already experiencing tip wear.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Branding Iron Is the Hotness.

In one of my very first e-tailer purchases, I bought China Glaze's Branding Iron. Despite the fact that it was spring at the time, it caught my eye and I thought I'd wait and use it as a fall mani color. Well, it turns out I'm crap at waiting and wore it in mid August. I got a ton of compliments on it, and it's really and truly a special color. I went to transdesign to see if they still have it, and it seems they're out of stock. 8ty8beauty does still show it on their site (at least as of last Thursday).

The formula was great, and I'm a big, big fan of China Glaze brushes. The color is a deep red shimmer that leans more towards rust, rather than burgundy. It's one of those "glows from within" colors that I'm a HUGE fan of. HIGHLY recommend.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Torn Up Nail Bed = Mani Fail.

I ran out of my beloved acetone-based remover that takes any polish off a nail in 2.3 seconds. I had some old non-acetone remover rolling around and had to use it. Because I'm used to the fast-acting stuff, I got aggressive with my nails. And then more aggressive. The "gentle" non-acetone remover caused massive damage and tearing to my nail bed (my fault, not the remover's).

Then I decided to paint anyway. Then this happened. Bumps, bubbles, chipping and tearing. It's pretty much the mani from Hades. The color is Orly's Toast the Couple, but I don't think it's a fair representation of what that color could be on a healthy, well-adjusted nail.

I'll try this color again at a later date.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Essie Chinchilly + me = Love

I visited some family a week or two back and did some manual labor that resulted in a horribly messed up mani. The upside to that kind of thing is that it means you get to go shopping for a new color to replace said jacked mani.

On this particular trip, I found Essie Chinchilly. I've seen it around the nail blogosphere for quite a while, but I haven't ever seen it in the wild. The color is a gray creme that I feared would be a dupe for ChG Below Deck/SH Commander in Chic. I was pleasantly surprised to see it wasn't. This color is substantially lighter with far fewer purple undertones.

As I've been finding with Essies, it applied like a dream. The nails in the images below required no post-paint touch-ups. And I am not the world's greatest polisher by a long shot. In short, I would recommend this color to a friend.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Perfect Kiss

I've been a fan of most of the Misa products that I've tried. I found this past spring's Wishes collection to be an exercise in magic. Light, sparkly colors? Some of which seem to shimmer in multiple colors? IN. I've bought some of their earlier stuff as well -- Dirty Sexy Money was a big pedicure crowd pleaser, and I've posted about my adoration for Spinning Out of Control on this very blog (and it's my twitter avatar -- @tinybottle if you're interested). So when I was creating a new haul, it seemed only natural that Misa would be represented. I bought two colors that were new to me: Perfect Kiss and It's You!

Today I'm reviewing Perfect Kiss. This color is a deep, bright fucshia with a lot of shimmer. I had a bit more trouble than normal with the formula on this -- it came out really thin for some reason. The color was nice, and had great depth, but I'm not crazy about it. I think my newly-formed nail polish obsession has me "over" the brighter pinks already.

Picture below contains blur to best see the shimmer and the depth of color.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sea How Far You Go

About a month ago when I was going through my crazy nail polish shopping spree, I saw some Nicole by OPI shades on clearance at my local Target. A couple I was ambivalent about, but I had to grab this beauty.

To me, Sea How Far You Go looks like a gold doubloon that's been sitting at the bottom of the ocean for centuries. The gold has darkened and has gained a green patina around it. I love this color and it was one of my most complimented colors of the summer.

The shape of the bottle, admittedly is odd, but the formula and brush are both easy to work with. Overall, I'd say grab this lovely shade before it's forever gone from your local Target.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Orly Rage

I find I delight in Orly products for the most part (one sadly undelightful manicure post will be coming up shortly). This was one of the good ones. Rage is a champagne with multi-color sparkles in it. It went on smooth and light and looked good for nearly an entire week with only minor tip wear. I got this from Sally's last month on sale for 4 dollars. I'd recommend them to anyone who likes sparkly neutrals.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Moon over Mumbai w/Nubar 2010

It's been a while! Unfortunately, work and life have taken me away from regular blogging, but I'll be getting back to it as my life settles down a bit.

Today I have a two polishes for the price of one! Both were purchased from a blog sale. And both are wonderbar.

The first is OPI's Moon Over Mumbai from the OPI India Collection. It is a light, sheer grey. A little research showed that it was one of the first true greys that came out. So there's that! The formula on this was a little thin, but it built up reasonably well. Moon Over Mumbai on it's own has gone into my mental file as "great for conservative work days."

Atop Moon Over Mumbai, I put Nubar 2010. Oh man, I am in love with this polish. It is insane-level gorgeous. I've seen it over dark colors and it looks like it's on fire. Over a light color like this, it looks sweetly iridescent. This is a true beauty. The formula on this was outstanding, and it's chock full o' beautiful flakies.

The pictures below are three coats of Moon Over Mumbai and two coats of 2010. Under the color is OPI Natural Base and atop it all is Seche Vite.

Thanks for looking!

Friday, July 29, 2011


My haul arrived and it is a beaut! I am wearing Misa's Perfect Kiss today, and have taken pictures. Just need to get them uploaded to the computer which may not happen until Monday. This weekend, I am excited to say, I have practice with my rock 'n roll band almost all weekend. WOO!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lusting for Fall

Because I like to see the objects of my affection in one place, I am linking to several bloggers' reviews of the polish companies' fall collections.

BB Couture: Eye Candy Women's and Men's collection. Links go to Kellie Gonzo's site.
Lusting after: Busty Bombshell, Playboy, Sexy Centerfold, Heavenly Hunk

Chanel: Illusions d'Ombre de Chanel. Link goes to Vampy Varnish
Lusting after: Peridot & Graphite

China Glaze: Metro Collection Link goes to The Polishaholic's review.
Lusting after: a few. Because I am new to the polish psychosis, I ordered the entire collection through At present I am "patiently" waiting for my shipping confirmation.

Color Club: Back to Boho. Link goes to Scrangie's review.
Lusting after: When I first saw the press release, I thought I wanted the entire thing. After seeing these colors outside the bottle, I'm revising my shopping list to Artsy Crafty, New Bohemian, Nomadic in Nude, Noveau Vintage, Redical Gypsy, Shabby Drab.

Essie: Brand New Bag Collection. Link goes to Lacquer Lover's review.
Lusting After: The Essie fan girl in me suddenly wants the whole thing. Carry On, Glamour Purse, Lady Like and Power Clutch are my faves. (four out of six?)

Misa: Hip to my Jive Collection. I haven't seen any swatches yet; however based on the press release, I'm
Lusting After: Bop Till You Drop and Catch a Flick

OPI: Touring America Collection part one and part two reviews by Ommorphia Beauty Bar.
Lusting After: I'm SO not into corals in the fall. I generally live in them in the late spring and summer, but I just can't with fall... that said, I love Color to Diner For, Honk if you Love OPI, Road House Blues, Suzi Takes the Wheel, A-Taupe the Space Needle and Uh Oh, Roll Down the Window.

Orly: Birds of a Feather Collection. Link goes to Jaztee's review.
Lusting after: Nite Owl, Lucky Duck, Sea Gurl, Fowl Play (possibly a dupe for OPI's Merry Midnight)and Sweet Peacock.

Rescue Beauty Lounge: L'Oiseau de Feu Collection. Link goes to All Lacquered Up.
Lusting After: Pizzicato and Piu Mosso.

Zoya: Smoke and Mirrors Collection. Link goes to Never Unpolished review.
Lusting after: Anja, Dree, Nimue, Yara, Neeka and JEM. Holy cats, JEM.

Essie Brand New Bag Collection: Carry On

Last night I had bowling and it completely jacked up my nails. Because I needed a few supplies and I was in a Meijer, I wandered over to their nail supply section and found they had some of the new Essie collection sitting there. I immediately grabbed Power Clutch and Carry On (also? Trophy Wife) for some late night application.

The color is a dark, dark burgundy with some purple undertones. It's vampy. And it dried darker than it looks in the bottle. I've been accused of having goth nails today. But I care not because the color is gorgeous.

The application was smooth, per usual for Essie cremes. The color has a great shine to it. I'm wearing this on a hot July day, but can imagine rocking it out on a cool day in October. This is the kind of polish that I definitely associate with fall/winter.

The pictures below are two coats, no base or top coat.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Accent Toe Pedicure - Warning: TOE PIC.

So a goodly half of the polishes I wear are only ever on my toes. And this feels like a waste in terms of swatching. So today, with fair warning, I give you my accent nail pedicure. I did the pictures super close-up, taking only two toes' worth of picture and cropping out the rest of the foot. I know people can be foot squeamish and I want to respect that as best I can.

The main color is China Glaze's Bahamian Escape -- the color applied like a dream, self-leveling and achieving opacity in two coats. I would call this color a bright sky blue creme.

On my second toe, I added three coats of Sinful Colors' Pearl Harbor. I understand it's been discontinued; however, I was able to find it recently at my nearest Meijer. Pearl Harbor was a bit of a bear to apply. It was goopy and uneven (even after a judicious shaking). While the sparkles were absolutely gorgeous in the bottle, they're a little underwhelming on the nail. Perhaps it's because my feet spend most of their time 5' away from my eyes, but I just feel like the reward wasn't really worth it.

Have you had any luck with layering Pearl Harbor?

Monday, July 25, 2011

Essie Da Bush

I don't know how it happened, but suddenly I am an Essie fan girl. I bought my first Essie years ago. It was a sheer shimmery concoction and I wasn't wowed. I don't like sheer, and I had no idea from the bottle that it would be. It rubbed me the wrong way and I didn't go back until recently. The new purchases have been phenomenal, formula-wise. The colors seem like they're edgier than I remember from years' past. Case in point: Da Bush from this past spring's resort collection.

Da Bush is a gorgeous sage green creme that's been dusted up enough that I would call it an edgy neutral. I'm wearing it in my office today and I don't feel at all like I'm taking a risk. The creme formula self-leveled and went on like a dream, achieving opacity and in two coats, making easy for newbies and those with unsure hands to get a great looking manicure.

The nail blogosphere has tested often, and this color appears to be a dupe for OPI's Stranger Tides. Either way, full of win.

E-Tailer Alert!

China Glaze's Metro Collection has hit the e-tailers. I just picked up uptown and downtown for 17.94 a piece. Grabbed a couple of Misa polishes as well just because. I'm testing for the first time. Let's hope they're as excellent as transdesign!

Apparently it will take two days for my beauties to reach me. Please be Wednesday, please be Wednesday...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Essie Steel-ing the Scene

I'm a silver fan from way back. I used to rock silver Mary Jane's to school back in the 90s... when I was in high school (yuck... it's not even the aughts anymore). My very first OPI was this silvery sparkly concoction whose name escapes me now.

Thus endeth my silver-love resume.

So you can imagine my excitement when I found Essie's Steel-ing the Scene in my local Ulta as part of their "buy two get one free" promotion (which was still happening when I was there on Monday -- get thee to an Ulta). Its flippin' gorgeous in the bottle.

Unfortunately, it was less so on my nails. It has a really cool yellow undertone you don't frequently see in a silver. It gives it kind of a weathered-metal look and it's really unexpected in cool. I'd go as far as to say it's AWESOME. On someone who has warm-toned skin. On me? Kind of lobstery. You will see for yourself in pictures.

The formula itself was thin, but buildable. On the images below, the pointer finger had four coats, middle finger had three thick coats, ring finger had two and the pinkie had three thin coats. OPI natural base coat and Seche Vite (which once again shrank my tips) atop. One application note: be careful when applying as this color (like most metallics) has a tendency to be brush strokey if you're not careful.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sally Hansen DVD

This one is an oldie but a goodie.

Sally Hansen DVD is in my most favorite of color veins: the periwinkle or "blurple." This color is really sheer and is great as a top layer (I tried it over Commander in Chic long before I started polish blogging and the results were delightful).

The pictures below are three coats with some seriously visible nail line. One is natural light and one is blur to really get a feel for the color and sparkle.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Misa Genie in This Bottle

Oh Misa, my love affair continues...

Genie in This Bottle comes from Misa's Wishes collection. You can see the Touch the Rainbow post for another gem from Wishes. Like the rest of the collection, Genie in This Bottle is a shimmery pastel. This one is tricky, though. In certain lights she looks purple, in others she looks pink, in others still, light gray with multi-color sparkles. I've seen her described elsewhere as a green with purple and pink sparkly bits. I think that may be the most apt description. Regardless, my camera had a hard time capturing her accurately as she changes quite a bit.

This polish comes in the wondrous square bottle. I find I love the Misa brushes more than is reasonable for this type of thing. Genie in This Bottle's formula is pretty thick, but not unmanageably so. I understand that's fairly common for the pastel princess polishes. Regardless, she's a beauty and worth any small amount of extra application trouble.

Images below are two coats with OPI Natural base and Seche Vite top coats.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Zoya Gemma

It's my first Zoya! And it won't be my last. The formula was dream-worthy (if a bit thin).

Gemma is a green creme with a blue shimmer running through it. I will say said shimmer is far more apparent int he bottle than it is on the nail, but in light you definitely see it.

The color did not stay nicely on my nail very long; however, this was during that dark period where I was without my base and top coats. Since found, so I'm hoping to do another Zoya run with their new Smoke & Mirrors collection... and full mani madness.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Perfect Pink Quest Part 2: Sinful Colors Glass Pink

My quest for the perfect baby pink continues with Sinful Colors' Glass Pink.

Sinful Colors is a delightfully inexpensive polish brand that can be found in myriad drugstores and your nearest Target. I picked this up for less than 2 dollars and figured it would be worth a try in my hunt for a sparkly (not shimmery), opaque baby pink.

The bottle is rounded and the brush was easy to maneuver for coverage. The formula was nice enough for what it was... a sheer pink with micro glitter. The color was nice. But it was very, very sheer. The pictures below are four coats and there is some SERIOUS VNL.

Close... SO close. And perhaps if I layered it over an opaque white, it would've been exactly what I'm looking for. But this quest is not about shorcuts. This quest is for the perfect stand alone pink. I know you're out there...

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hard Candy Beetle

At my heart, I love sparkles...and shininess. Also? Duochrome.

Thus, it was only a matter of time until I stumbled across Beetle. I'd seen pictures and eventually darkened Walmart's doors just to go get the stuff. It was totally worth it. This stuff flips in every kind of light and it's gorgeous.

It has my newly-discovered love of the square bottle with a decent, easy-to-control brush. The formula is thin and sheer. The pictures below are four coats (no top coat because my Seche was temporarily lost). I should've taken video because the pictures cannot begin to capture how flippy the colors are.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Warning: Seche Shrinks Cashmere

Late last week, my nails were Orly Rage. I didn't get a picture before I destroyed them with painting and manual labor. Whoopsy. It was sparkly foiled deliciousness, and I will certainly wear it again. And shoot pictures immediately upon completion...

I decided I was digging the more neutral color and replaced my ravaged mani with Soft as Cashmere from Color Club's Untamed Luxury collection. This was my first Color Club color and I was generally pleased.

First off, I have decided that I really love square bottles. I feel like I can get a better grip on them than the round ones. This probably is partially why I'm lately obsessed with Misa and Essie. The brush felt thinner, stiffer and slightly more difficult to control than what I'm used to, but it wasn't severely detrimental. The formula itself was watery/thin, but built to opacity in three thin coats.

The color itself is a lovely taupe with green undertones. It is what I would call "Office Edgy." Nobody is going to ever give you a hard time for wearing this neutral, but it's a lot more fashion-forward than mannequin hands or a sheer pink.

I used OPI Natural base coat and Seche Vite top coat. The Seche seemed to have shrunk beneath my tips in an unappealing way. I think I'm finally going to have to cave and buy another good top coat (I have a Sally Hanson quick dry that seems to have no protective qualities to it).

With flash!


Monday, July 11, 2011

Smooth Sailing

So, for as long as I can remember, I've been a fan of nail polish. I saved my allowance for weeks and bought three shades of Wet & Wild when I was seven, and I configured them into different designs over and over (my mom thought more than three was unnecessary). When I was a teenager, the first inexpensive nail salon came to town and I was forever getting acrylic nails with fun new colors on. What I'm sayin' is... despite my recent addiction to the collecting of nail polishes, I've loved nail polish the overwhelming majority of my life.

Along the way, I've had specific colors I've loved! Midnight in Moscow immediately springs to mind... as does Chanel's Vamp. If it's deep and sparkly, there's a better than even chance that I've given it an "oooh!" whilst it's applied to my nails, and vainly preen my fingers to glance at it myriad times once it's on.

But I only thought I knew love.

Because when I saw Essie's Smooth Sailing (from their 2011 Summer Braziliant line) applied to my nails, I knew I'd found the one. The polish that, were I forced to monogamously wear one color for the rest of my life, I would commit to. This is my would-be nail hubs.

Examine the awesome:
1. It's a gorgeous color of periwinkle (honestly, the color itself is my most favorite color in the entire known universe).
2. It has gorgeous, gorgeous silver sparkly bits in it.
3. The application is a dream.

With some flash.

In the fading natural light of the day. Apparently sunset makes my hands all pink. That part's not cute... but the color of my nails certainly is!

Close Up. Look at that sparkly!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Binging, Orly Girly... and My New Quest

So despite not having worn quite a few of my polishes from the last few hauls, I went on a bit of an in-store binge at Walmart (Hard Candy called), Sally's and Ulta last week. I picked up the following:
Hard Candy - Beetle
Essie - Da Bush, Smooth Sailing & Steel-ing the Scene (wearing Smooth Sailing today and it's magical)
Orly - Girly (to be shown below!), Rage, Meet Me Under the Mistletoe & Toast the Couple
Zoya - Gemma

Behold the beauty:

Today, I have a swatch for Orly Girly. It's a light pink foil finish with pretty silver sparkles in it. The picture below is two coats, no base or top coat (because they were temporarily MIA after being displaced during a recent trip to Florida). It's still fairly sheer at two coats, but I think a third would've made it opaque. The formula is amazing. This was my very first ever Orly. And these four from this haul will certainly not be the last. It was a joy to apply.

I am, however, on the quest for my IDEAL LIGHT PINK. In my head I feel like I'm looking for a light pink full coverage glitter or opaque creme with a micro glitter of some kind. I feel like I've seen a lot of shimmers, straight cremes and metallic looks. If anyone reading has any ideas, I would LOVE to hear them.

Thanks for reading and for any suggestions!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy Canada Day!

I've always been a big, big fan of our neighbors to the north (or south, if you're from Metro Detroit). So in honor of their birthday, I did a Canada Day manicure.

The red nails are done with China Glaze Ruby Pumps (two coats) and the white nails are China Glaze Frosty (four coats). My Seche Vite has gone missing, so these are sans top coat... and still with an insane depth of sparkle!

So happy birthday, Canada! And happy Canada Day to my beloved Canadian.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Spinning Out of Control

I have two things presently Spinning Out of Control...
1. My burgeoning obsession with MISA nail polishes.
2. My ability to keep a blog going.

So on the 29th of May, I had a one-night only manicure in the color of Spinning Out of Control. This color, from MISA's What I Like About You fall collection is a gorgeous dark blue-purple with all kinds of depth to it. It has some pink/purple shimmer in it and almost seems to glow. The formula on the color was great -- it was thin and self-leveled. I really feel like every MISA nail polish I've tried so far is basically idiot-proof. Which is a bonus for me.

I do want to note that this color pulled WAY blue on me compared to other swatches I've seen online. My picture may be a touch bluer than it was in reality, but not much. My red-blue undertones really took this to a blue place. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

I'm suddenly feeling like I need to buy the entirety of the MISA line. All of it.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Misa Touch the Rainbow

So on Monday, I actually painted my nails China Glaze's I Wanna Lei Ya (also from the Fiji Fling collection). It was a lovely color that couldn't stand up to my bowling league. By the time I had a chance to take photos, my nails were broken and my manicure was 100% chipped and ruined. Every single finger. I'll try it again on another day.

Today I present you with Misa's Tuoch the Rainbow. It's a lovely icy blue with a light blue turquoise shimmer running through it. The formula was mildly challenging to get evenly applied, and required three coats to cover. My hands are something FAR less than steady since the plague hit me, so that could admittedly be a part of it. The color, once applied, is gorgeous! The blue is noticeable, but is not so in your face that it feels awkward in an office (granted, my office is pretty low key about that sort of thing in general, and I'm in a creative department that grants even greater leeway). The color has just the slightest hint of sparkle that gives a nice depth of color. It's great on us pale girls with blue/pink undertones.

Digression: you know what is really, very, not at all cute on us? Yellow. Last night, I got part way through an Electric Pineapple manicure last night before realizing my hands looked hot pink. It was not cute. I'm too pinky-blue and too pale for that. I think I'm going to be willing to give that one to a good, warm-toned home. If anyone reads this and they fit that description, send me an email. The contact info is on the right.

Final analysis of MISA Touch the Rainbow: Great color, just requires a steadier hand than I presently have.